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A Twisted Gears Studios Production


In the 1930's, The New England Centre for Antiquities sends teams of investigators to report on strange happenings from around the globe.

Sep 24, 2019

Case Number 02.12 - Where To Go next - THE CALL

Emos wakes from his time in recovery after rescuing Simon.  The investigators spend the morning determining what to do next as Emos has a hard time feeling 100% himself, Althea can't keep away from her new book and may have more in common with her Grandfather then she...

Sep 10, 2019

Case Number 02.11 - What Did You Do? - THE CALL

The Investigators, having escaped the assailant at the Centre for Antiquities, return to the mansion.  Simon is unconscious but Emos seems to be getting weaker the more he helps Simon...

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